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VR Capital expands its portfolio and announces the second project in Vama Veche

VR Business Capital announces the successful closing of a real estate investment at the shores of the Black Sea. This acquisition continues the natural expansion of the company's activity in the travel and leisure area.

The new project represents the opportunity to consolidate a property with high potential, due to its positioning adjacent to a continuously developing part of the Romanian seaside, which is currently enjoying a significant transformation and increase in the number of tourists.

Zen was inaugurated in 2016 and it is located in Vama Veche, Constanta. It offers 14 spacious rooms, a restaurant for breakfast, terrace and parking.

The purchase decision came following the adoption of a strategic commitment within the company, to be oriented towards hotel or guesthouse properties available for sale, which can align with the entrepreneurial philosophy of providing quality services and, in return, achieving significant financial yield. The multiple advantages, including the architecture and facilities of the location, easy access to nearby tourist attraction, as well as to the beach, represent aspects that contribute to creating an exceptional accommodation experience for guests. Furthermore, trust in the potential of the tourist market and in a continuous growth of demand for seaside vacations motivated VR Capital to invest in this project, with the certainty that the acquisition represents a substantial and inspired step.

" We embark on a new challenge with enthusiasm to strengthen Zen guesthouse into a concept with premium services, personality, ensuring all the comfort a tourist needs for a seaside vacation. At the same time, we aim to preserve its already established authentic character and we will focus on combining all these aspects to create and convey an exceptional hospitality experience. We are optimistic when it comes to the future of Romanian tourism. We consider Zen an important investment added to our portfolio.” stated Robert Machidon, co-founder and managing partner of VR Business Capital.



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