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VR Business Capital becomes Tuio Social Media partner and acquires 40% of the creative and advertising agency

VR Business Capital enters Tuio's shareholding through the acquisition of a package representing 40% of the advertising agency. Tuio ranks among the top companies in the Romanian advertising industry and offers complete creative and advertising services.

Founded in 2011 by Ludwig Petre and Andrei Gingirov, Tuio has a diverse portfolio with over 100 successful collaborations with established brands on the local and international market, such as Starbucks, Sephora, Netflix, Pfizer, Mars, Glovo or Coca-Cola.

The agency's mission is to find courageous partners and initiate new communication and marketing approaches with them. Staying true to the healthy principles of integrated communication, Tuio brings boldness, excitement and curiosity to the consumers.

The beginning of 2023 opens new horizons for VR Business Capital, the identification of attractive investment opportunities, such as the one offered by the acquisition of Tuio, being one of the main interests of the company.

VR Capital is an alternative investment fund established in 2020 and focuses on transactions in various fields such as Real Estate, NPL and Private Equity. They focus their efforts on small or medium-sized projects, in various forms of collaboration.

"In the current context, there is an extraordinary opportunity for independent, agile and innovative agencies that challenge the traditional business model. By partnering with VR Business Capital we will quickly and efficiently scale the team and technologies built until now. Together we will cover new standards in line with the needs of the ever-evolving market." stated Ludwig Petre, co-founder of Tuio Social Media.

"This acquisition complements our regular activities and responds to the mission of having a responsible and diverse progress. We have always believed in creativity as a business value and in Romanians who can generate creative ideas, compatible with the Romanian market. We believe that our experience, together with the experience of colleagues from Tuio, will be an important differentiator on the Romanian advertising market. We are convinced that this common project will take Tuio Social Media to the top 3 advertising agencies, becoming an inspiration and a standard in the industry." stated Victor Angelescu, co-founder and managing partner of VR Business Capital.




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