BNR exchange 23.07.2024
1 EURO = 4.9709 LEI
1 USD = 4.567 LEI
1 GBP = 5.897 LEI
1 CHF = 5.1374 LEI

Private Equity

We apply an investment philosophy based on our knowledge as entrepreneurs and investors in the financial sector, using our experience to generate growth and profit margins. Our main goal is to serve the needs of our investors and clients, to enrich their lives and to have a positive impact on our community and workplace.

Our priority is to identify and evaluate what makes a good investment, to succeed in a dynamically transforming investment area and to turn every investment into positive outcomes. This commitment is reflected in a culture that values integrity, financial discipline and a passion for excellence and growth. Because we havea clear perpective that trust is the first secret of success, we always operate with professionalism, a longterm perspective and prudence.

Turnaround Advisory

In searching of new projects and opportunities that challenge us, we decided to invest in Turnaround Advisory, a new financial company that promise a lot. This new project highlights the strategy to further expand our horizons and capability for different market segments and customers. This investment represents part of our ambition to create a clear and accurate identity about our private equity ...

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VR Business Capital enters Tuio's shareholding through the acquisition of a package representing 40% of the advertising agency. Tuio ranks among the top companies in the Romanian advertising industry and offers complete creative and advertising services. Founded in 2011 by Ludwig Petre and Andrei Gingirov, Tuio has a diverse portfolio with over 100 successful collaborations with established...

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Sfera Credit

VR Business Capital becomes Sfera Credit IFN partner, a Romanian company specialized in granting fast, online loans. The investment fund holds 49% of the company. Considering the diversification in recent years regarding the range of options available to consumers when it comes to choosing financial products, Sfera Credit brings ideas, resources, know-how and a wide range of advantages. They pr...

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Rembrandt Art Centre

VR Business Capital enters Rembrandt's shareholding through the acquisition of a package representing 51% of the store network specialized in products from the arts & crafts and gifts categories. This investment highlights the VR’s strategy to further expand the Private Equity portfolio in the most dynamic and interesting market fields. The partnership with VR Capital will enable...

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